Are some members of the clergy horny and/or greedy?

The Observer is well aware of that this article might upset religious people especially members of the clergy, but it is an interesting subject that is well worth discussing. Many of The Observer’s Maltese friends say the same thing: Many Catholic priests in Malta have “girlfriends” and many priests ask for kickbacks from the undertakers.

The Maltese people the Observer has spoken to say that it is a well-known secret that many Catholic priests have girlfriends. It is also said that this is very natural since priests have the same sexual desire as every other men. Since the Catholic Church does not allow priests to marry, the priests have no other option (at least not such pleasant ones) but to have girlfriends in secret. Some of the people The Observer have spoken to also claim that it is not unusual that the priests meet women during confession and then learn about the women’s moral character and then can make their move. True or not true? We know that Catholic priest in many cases have taken advantage of young boys so why should this not be even more possible?

Many of The Observer’s Maltese friends also claim that priests advise funeral directors about recently deceased and then ask for kickbacks for the tip. The reason why this is possible for priests is that priests are often called to death-beds to give last rites and often know very soon that someone has passed away. It is also said that priests in such situation take advantage of the situation when a person is very vulnerable and asks for a donation to the Catholic Church. AlphaIf this is true, it is extremely offensive and immoral, especially the custom of taking kickbacks.

It would be interesting to hear what the readers of this blog think in this subject.