About The Malta Observer

The Malta Observer is a resident in Malta since a couple of years and loves Malta, especially the kindness of the people. However, in The Observer’s opinion, there are reasons to comment on some circumstances in Malta from a foreigner’s point of view. What is logical and natural for people from northern Europe seems to be very strange to a Maltese and vice versa. The reason for being anonymous is that The Observer does not want to be a victim of hate; there are always people who misinterpret and misunderstand statements regarding their beloved country. Since The Observer’s native language is not English; the readers are kindly asked to overlook any grammatical or spelling mistakes. It is The Observer’s opinion there is a need for all people in all countries to try to look at their own country from a different point of view, namely a foreigner’s. Everything in this blog that is written by The Observer is without harmful intentions but to give Maltese (and any other people) a different way of looking at circumstances in Malta. The reader should bear in mind that The Observer really loves Malta and its people; it is therefore no use in saying: " If you don't like it, go home!" That is not constructive. Instead, think of why The Observer has the opinions as expressed in this blogg. If you don't like what is written; say it!

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