The possibilites for a disabled person to enjoy Malta

Disabled people shall not visit Malta if they intend to see the islands and not just stay in their hotels. There is almost nothing done in Malta to help disabled people. The pavements mostly lack ramps and are far too high. The new buses are a little bit better than the old classical ones but not enough improvements have been made. When entering or leaving a bus, persons in wheelchairs cannot manage themselves but have to rely on helpful fellow passengers due to the fact that the bus is too high up from the street. That could be helped if the buses stop close to the pavements, but very often they stop one or two meters from the very high pavement.
The old classical type of bus no longer in use
There are very few shops with ramps, a fact that makes it almost impossible to visit shops if you are sitting in a wheelchair.
The pavements are, with very few exceptions, in a condition that makes it impossible to go by a wheelchair. The main exceptions in the Gzira, Sliema and S:t Julian’s area beeing, of course, The Strand and Tower Road as well as George Borg Oliver Road. In Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk and other towns by the sea with many tourists, there are also roads that are suitable for disabled people. BUT, how to get there?

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