Arriva bus drivers, madmen?

Notice the text on the bus to Marsaxlokk

Prospective Formel-1 champion
Yesterday The Observer went by bus to Marsaxlokk from Valletta, leaving the capital at about 10.40 am. The bus, which was an articulated bus, i e extra-long, had a sign saying it was a special tour and The Observer agrees, the tour was indeed a special one. The bus was completely full with passengers, both sitting and standing. The bus went sometimes in a speed that must have been more than 80 kilometers per hour. Several passengers were terrified, staring at each other in horror. It felt like the back of the bus would skid across the roadway in the curves. It was indeed a special and terrifying tour! Unfortunately, this type of experience is not unusual when going with Arriva buses although there are, of course, also careful drivers.

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  1. you was very lucky to get a bus I and a load of other people was waiting over 1and a half hours for a bus on the 29th july in the med day heat and not one bus came along, but when a bus traveling on the other side of the road came pass, the driver just lookt at all of us at the bus stop and gave use a little wave and a smile?
    that is when I realize that the buses have been divered due to the feasta in st pauls thanks arriva for letting us know. I will surly not be useing the buses in malta again? that is if we came back again.this is the second time this has happend to us, we gave up the first time when we tried to go to valletta when we was over in may this year, again we waited over 1 hour in the heat to go and have lunch with my brother who works in valletta. arriva get your more busses on the road. Gina Abbs


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