Rule of law in Malta? Hardly.

You cannot call Malta a society where there is rule of law and where an individual's rights are protected. Malta must be one of Europe’s most unsafe countries if one is suspected of having committed a crime, especially if you are a foreigner (if you are black it is even worse). A Maltese is treated in a totally different way than a foreigner. For instance, it is very difficult to be granted bail for a foreigner even if you are an EU citizen. This is very strange since there is a treaty in EU which makes it easy to get an EU citizen extradited to another EU country. A member state can only deny another member state an extradition if  certain requirements are not fulfilled. Maybe Malta is afraid that it cannot fulfill such requirements and therefore prefers to keep a suspect in prison instead of granting him bail.  It is hard to even understand that Malta can be a member of EU. In Malta, you can be detained for an indefinite period. There is no limit whatsoever when the police must start a trial. Yes, in Malta it is the same person as investigates a case as brings it to court. Malta is like any dictatorship as far as protection of individual’s rights is concerned. Not even in the former Soviet Union you could be detained for indefinite time, if not a political crime. It was The Observer’s intention to vote today, but why should one vote in a country where there is no democracy but only hypocrisy. Malta is a sham democracy where individual rights seem to be less important than the rights of the state. You can read about this wonderful society in todays The Times.

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