What should we protect, living people or dead?

Once more, one can read the most fantastic true stories in The Times. AlphaIn today's edition of The Times one is told that a group of M`garr residents are complaining about a proposed extension to a fireworks factory because of the damage an explosion would do. Fair enough, of course one should worry about what damage an explosion would do. But what is it the group worries about? The living people in the neighborhood? No, this is Christian Malta; the worries are not concerning the living people but the dead. This despite the fact that several people are statistically expected to die this year because of fireworks explosions. The Observer is well aware of the fact that many Maltese regard the eternal life as the real life, but is this group not going too far? A named couple says that an explosion could disturb the graves of loved ones. The Observer is well aware that continuing this article would probably be considered blasphemy. Presumably this is a criminal offense in Maltese law so The Observer rests his case.

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