The Maltese people, warm and kind

The entrance

San Anton Garden
Yesterday, The Observer with family went to Balzan. After some shopping we wanted to sit down and eat the lunch we had brought with us, preferable in a park. We asked a Maltese lady standing outside Smart, the big department store, if she could recommend a place where we could have our lunch. She told us that there is a lovely garden in Balzan, San Anton, but that it would be too complicated to explain the way to this garden. Instead she told us that she would gladly drive us there and so she did! This is not the first time we have been so well taken care of by Maltese people. The kindness of the Maltese people is one of the things that makes life so much easier on this little tiny island. San Anton in Balzan is really worth a visit with wonderful flowers and many other plants as well as birds!

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  1. I had the same experience in Buggiba. Maltese people are so helpful in giving directions; sometimes they are so eager to help, they won't stop talking! :D


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