High rate of teenage pregnancies in Malta

Malta has the highest number of teenage mothers in Europe relative to population. There is also a very high rate of sexually transmitted diseases in Malta among teenagers. One need not wonder why this is the case. Malta's schools provide no sex education at all. The church opposes any form of sex education and any form of use of contraceptives. Abortion does not exist as such except as a clause regulating the penalty for an abortion.  There is a tendencyAlpha that teenagers debut earlier with sex than before. One may ask whether Malta’s approach to sex education and contraceptives benefits to society. In today's Malta Times one can read that 32 children have been born in 2011 having mothers that are 16 years old or younger. Sure you can understand those who believe that sex is something for adults and preferably within marriage although it is a little bit old fashioned in today’s society. But that does not change the fact that unwanted children are born because of the attitude towards sex education, contraception and abortion and there is probably no method to prevent this from happen if you do not give teenagers sex education and thus tell them how to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. See also Teenage births once more of March 20

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